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Franz the Mini Elephant


"Franz the Mini Elephant" by Amanda Baker
Franz the Mini Elephant was born in Belgium to his parents, Helga and Johan, and was a surprisingly petite infant. He was so small that his parents had little idea of his existence in the beginning. They became overjoyed, however, as they bonded with their precious little package of joy.

They named Franz after his his revered and rather large great-grandfather and considered Franz a little miracle of the generations. His parents doted on him, making him feel a great amount of entitlement. His favorite activity, though, was simple and devoid of material pleasure. He was obsessed with bathing and kept the servants busy attending to his bath.

The servants merely placed a teacup on the dining table and filled it with the finest bubbly French soap and purified water. He would soak shamelessly at his leisure regardless of any guests who may have been invited to a dinner or tea.

During a cold November evening, his parents were to receive a very special visitor. The Ambassador or Norway, invited to a feast, was coming, and all preparations were made to create the finest of experiences.

When the Ambassador arrived and entered the dining room, he was overtaken by a profusion of bath bubbles. That such a tiny trunk could create such a wealth of bubbles pleased the Ambassador to no end.