Amanda Banker

Cats Cradle - Amanda  Banker

Cat's Cradle

Painting Oil on Board  
10 x 10 in

Every star was visible in the meadow where Sara and her father regularly sat to enjoy the nighttime sky. The stars created a cascading wave of color and light across the sky, pulsing with steady excitement.
As they sat there, Sara and her father witnessed a comet shoot across the sky, its huge tail as bright and golden as daylight. As it passed, a shower of gold flecks rained down on the meadow.
The two kangaroos looked at each other, incredulous at the extraordinary celestial event visiting their favorite meadow. They climbed the hill behind them to find the entire forest aglow. Every inch as far as their eyes could see was covered in tiny points of light. Sara knelt in the golden star dust, wisps swirling around her. The stars had fallen!
The two scrambled about, filling their pockets with all the star dust they could manage. Meanwhile, a clear black path had been stripped between the sky-bound stars. Alas, the wind swept away what little was left behind, and the strip in the sky was emptied of its former, momentary, brilliance.
Sara knew what they had witnessed was unheard of. Being quite talented in the art of the Cat’s Cradle, Sara took the star dust and wove it into the fibers of some of her string for fear it would float away and be lost. Upon occasion, Sara would entertain friends and family with her Cat’s Cradle tricks, conjuring the forms of the stars which were so tragically lost, with her supple fingers. Henceforth, each time she wove, in truth, she was creating a tribute to the night when the stars fell into her hands.