Amanda Banker

The Artist - Amanda  Banker

The Artist

Painting Oil on Board  
14 x 11 in

The Artist by Amanda Banker
Chester was not what one would consider a "born artist." Actually, he was an accountant for the majority of his young adulthood with a small diversion as a science teacher. The point was, Chester was average and boring. At least, that was his self-perception.

During summers, in his free time, Chester enjoyed long walks near the river. Once in a while, when he felt exceptionally adventurous, he would climb a tree and try to sit as far out as he could on a branch before reaching the breaking point. One day he scooted a bit too far. The branch creaked a moment before it snapped clean off the tree.

Chester was not the best judge of distance, nor was he quick to react. Screaming wide-mouthed as he fell, he caught his long chameleon tongue on another branch as he tumbled through the air. His tongue hopelessly wedged in a crevice, it acted as a pendulum would and and swung his body toward the river and through the air as it ripped free. Hoping for a soft landing, he was relieved to see the water rushing toward him but, unfortunately, he landed face-first on a rock. The impact shattered his color gland. The result was the running of every chameleon color from his tongue from that moment on.

Upon the recommendation of a friend, he took to tying a piece of fabric around his mought. The resulting patterns and colors on the fabric pieces were discovered by a local art dealer, who signed Chester on as an artist, catapulting him into international fame. Chester mastered his one-of-a-kind technique to spectacular results. The amazing paintings he created finally solidified his place in the world and in his own mind as a not-so-average guy.