Amanda Banker

Sir Spencer McFluffymac - Amanda  Banker

Sir Spencer McFluffymac, 2016

8 x 8 in

Framed Dimensions - 13" x 13"

Sir Spencer McFluffymac

Philanthropist and explorer Sir Spencer could never turn down a dare. In fact his obsession with winning a challenge and bragging about it were the biggest vices of his life. Once he had been dared with a ridiculous task, everything was thrown recklessly by the wayside. During one auspicious occasion he was challenged to place as many lit cigarettes as possible in his mouth. Boldly he stuffed each one inside his cheeks, their lit ends concealed as the smoke drifted out his nose. He then managed to stuff another 22 into his open mouth.

Not only did Sir Spencer win the dare for fifty dollars but he was also granted the world record that still stands to this day. The trouble with the whole affair arose a few days after his stunt. Apparently there had been more cigarettes then he had realized. He discovered burns and black soot deep in his mouth. All of which required medical attention, including lots of nasty tasting salve and ice packs stuffed into each side of his face. He lost his voice for weeks and permanently damaged his vocal cords. The cigarette stunt became his most regrettable and well known to date, and after the loss of his voice it seemed to have left him forcibly humble as well.