Amanda Banker

The Fancy Dentist - Amanda  Banker

The Fancy Dentist

Painting Oil on Board  
17 x 17 in

The dentist was a hard worker. He made sure everyone knew it. He would brag to everyone but in a falsely humble manner, telling them how fortunate he was to be such a great dentist, how the medical school he attended had made him so supremely knowledgeable. He wasn't all bad though: he did work creating wooden carvings he did with his own teeth, donating the proceedings at charity auctions. The villagers knew that they were going to hear about it though, straight from his mouth, for vanity was an inextricable part of his nature.
Of late, he had become interested in the new field of cosmetic dentistry. Perfecting the imperfect became an obsession for him. He determined that his best bet was to experiment with his own well-worn teeth. For years he had been bothered by his uneven smile. This was a chance to show everyone in the village how talented he was in the art of dentistry while improving his own looks. He sculpted a perfect pair of dentures out of the finest hardwood. To get them to fit he filed his teeth down to tiny nubs, pressed them on, then invited the village to a reception highlighting his state-of-the-art technique he called “dentures”. The villagers stared awkwardly at the dentist’s “perfect” smile, trying to find encouraging words.
After a few days of wearing his dentures, he fell asleep with them on. As he was prone to grinding his teeth while sleeping, it was not surprising that he bit straight through his new teeth, chewing them to tiny bits, and was left with a smile that was farther from perfect than ever before.