Amanda Banker

The Goatstranaut - Amanda  Banker

The Goatstronaut

Painting Oil on Board  
20 x 16 in

The Goat-stronaut
As a child, Jack was fascinated with the moon and its mysteries. During his school days he filled his notebooks with sketches of rockets and moon craters. By the time he was of college age he invested his entire savings in materials and designs to construct a rocket of his own. Jack made it clear to every passerby that he was moon-bound. The villagers had ever heard of a “rocket” before, let alone "space travel". Jack was branded the village kook, on a path to ruin. After a year Jack revealed his rocket, made out of parts he had purchased or found. The villagers gathered, whispering that Jack was on his way to be institutionalized. Jack took center stage on a platform surrounding a huge shape covered in a sheet of patchwork burlap which he pulled away, revealing a pieced-together rocket. The sound grew from silence to full-on laughter. Jack was, however, unaffected by the ridicule. He stood and stared at his own creation and beamed with pride. "I plan to leave for the moon tomorrow." In the early morning light the local fire department was summoned to Jack's home. It seemed the wooden platform around the rocket had somehow caught fire, and burned to the ground. Firefighters found no trace of Jack or of the rocket. For three weeks he was considered missing until one night when the rocket appeared in its former place. Jack was back, and with him were mounds of -- cheese. Lunar Cheddar is what Jack termed his daring dairy discovery. He treated each villager to a slice. It was amazing! They bought piles of it. The sales secured Jack from financial troubles for life. Many of the villagers suspected where the Cheese had come from. 'Impossible!" They thought. But truthfully, the Lunar Cheddar was so delectable that nobody ultimately cared.