Amanda Banker

Oscar Wild - Amanda  Banker

Oscar Wild

Painting Oil on Board  
18 x 12 in

Oscar Wild was not what his surname implied. He had quite a taste for the finer things in life. As a young student he traveled throughout Europe carrying feathers and bling, no matter the destination. After college he settled in London and became known for his extravagant parties. The decor was imbued with all colors of the spectrum. Flowers and peacock feathers abounded in high vaulted rooms, while crystals hung from chandeliers so large, they nearly touched the tops of tables. The spectacle was dizzying. During one such occasion he was inspired to write his book, “The Pictures of All that is Grey” for at this moment, Oscar had realized he had awoken to the fact that he was inexplicably color bind. After this realization he hired assistants to insure his parties were color coordinated. Regardless of the change the parties remained filled to the brim with decor. To anyone dismayed by his taste he would say, “Be yourself because everyone else is already taken.”