Amanda Banker

Will Shrewsbury Shakespeare - Amanda  Banker

Will Shrewsbury Shakespeare

Painting Oil on Board  
18 x 12 in

Will was a talented writer, but he was slow to produce. A sentence could take him days to finish, a paragraph of prose months. He was determined to become faster but his habits failed him. Then on a sunny morning while walking through the woods to the farmer’s market, he happened by a stand selling cans of energy elixir and bought several cans. With the first sip – BOOM - He felt a rush of energy. Not able to control himself, he wrote for days on on end, a slave to the elixir. In just a week he had compiled enough to fill a sizable three-inch thick book. The book itself became a sensation. He was interviewed by journalists who begged the question, “How did you become such a prolific success?” Swigging his elixir, he replied, “Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, and some drink from the well of greatness.”