Carol Fennell


Carol Fennell
Carol Fennell's work is whimsical, natural and feminine. Her selection of mixed media materials are unique and thoughtful. She uses a carefully saught step by step process to acheive the finished piece. First, she begins by sketching the outlines of her subject matter onto the wooden board. Flowers, insects, figures and trees most commonly. She then proceeeds to fire the carved pieces of clay that she then glues onto the wood. Once the clay is glued on, her last step is painting each of the pieces of ceramic with intricate detail only to be left with a magnificent two dimentional work of art. You could almost see the butterflies fluttering on each flower, or the movement of the sky above. Biography: Fennell’s work is inspired by the love of the natural environment and female form. Designs, textures and colors found in nature appear throughout her mixed media canvases. Each piece begins as an idea drawn onto the surface that comes alive as layers are added or scraped away and the texture and dimension appears. She strives not to imitate nature, but to bring her whimsical sprit into the piece. Her work can be found in numerous private and public collections throughout the United States. She received her Masters of Fine Art from Northern Illinois University in 1992 and Bachelor’s degree from University of S. Indiana in 1990. She now calls Colorado home along with her husband, two kids and a home full of art. Statement: “Aspens quaking against a brilliant blue sky or scarlet poppies bursting from their pods inspire me to create works of art that express my whimsical nature. I take scenes from the environment and push them to become something beyond what I see to what I feel. I am not married to a medium as much as an idea that I capture, re-create, and release into the world.”