Laurie DeVault


Laurie DeVault
First, a statement about my statement: I am often asked to explain my work. What is it that inspires me, what is my process, why did I choose that color, and so on. Well, I often find it hard to articulate a response, because the realm in which I work is a world without words. Perhaps because painting is a visual expression and we are a verbal species, we sometimes long for words to explain the wordless before us. Yet, isn’t the art enough? In some ways, is that not the point? It is for the eyes, just as Bach is for the ears and a pinot noir is for the tongue. I know this is a topic often discussed among artists and others, and opinions vary. I delve deeper into this thorny subject in my blog, "The Challenges of Writing an Artist's statement". I do realize the expectations before me. Gallery owners, collectors, friends, and fans all want to know about my process. What I can tell you is that my work is rarely planned, and is a spontaneous unfolding that evolves as I paint. I experiment and explore. I play with colors, lines, shapes, textures, and tools. I let these all guide me and if my eyes like what I see, and my intuitive heart says “yes” to its beauty and authenticity, then I know I’m where I want to be. It is pure joy, both the process of creation and the creation itself. One thing I have discovered is that I “see” things that another observer may miss. Among the streaks, splotches, angles, and swirls I see buildings and trees, people and animals, mountains and birds, boats and planets. I simply coax them out from their hiding places by applying a bit of shading, complementary color or accenting lines. However, not all my paintings have anything resembling recognizable images, and those are works I find to be much more primal and raw, springing from a different emotional dimension than the paintings which may have a bit of whimsy. This is why I don’t have any one particular style. My work is often distinct and recognizable, but it is also quite varied. Different days bring forth different moods, and different moods give birth to a variety of creations. It is all a journey, unchartered and unbound, my favorite way to travel.