Tobi Clement


Tobi Clement
Throughout her life, Tobi has been drawn to careers that involve beauty. Her first career was in fashion design, in New York City. After eight years of city life she felt the need to live in a more expansive environment and moved to New Mexico. She retrained herself as a hairstylist and opened her own salon. Her love of nature, drew her to explore the New Mexico landscape. She found herself in awe of the unique light and magnificent landscapes of the Southwest. Compelled to express this beauty, she began to study art and selected pastels as her medium. Having taken numerous workshops early-on, she now devotes herself to refining her own unique artistic voice. She began to enter juried shows and received her first award in 2013. In July 2016, Pleinair Magazine selected one of her paintings to be included in an editorial about clouds and skies. In 2018 Southwest Art Magazine printed a full page editorial declaring her an emerging artist. The current collection focuses on the interaction between light and its lack: “I am intrigued by the ephemeral time when light meets dark. It’s a never-ending romance expressed with endless arrangements of color and form. Sometimes explosive, climatic, dramatic, other times quiet and tender. I am pulled into this endless romance, as a voyeur watching breathlessly to see what might unfold.” The fiery New Mexican sky is unmistakable in these richly colored works, and their emotional intensity captures the viewers’ attentions - and their hearts. Statement: I continuously find myself mesmerized by the ever-changing luminous light, colors and cloud forms of the New Mexico sky. When painting plein air in New Mexico, I am rewarded with unexpected moments of life that unfold, and incredible, ever-changing skies and clouds. It is a gift to feel a connection to something that is a part of, but greater than, me. I welcome the respite of silence and contemplation. The blessing of this connection is an expressive painting that captures the limitless and expansive quality of the Southwest landscape, and invites the viewer to share in this gift.,h_400,c_fill/24eejr5br3k08nhagwcy.jpg