Tobi Clement

Tobi Clement

Tobi Clement's love of Nature drew her to explore the New Mexico landscape, where, after various creative careers, led her to pursue fine art.  Chaser of the light, Tobi's primary site for plein air painting has been at The Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico, referenced in most of her finished pieces. Upon arriving to the Southwest and discovering the afore-mentioned Refuge, she found herself in awe of the unique light and magnificent vistas, waterways and big skies it provides, with highly dynamic light that continually changes through the day and the seasons.

In July 2016, Pleinair Magazine selected one of her paintings to be included in an editorial about clouds and skies. In 2018 Southwest Art Magazine printed a full page editorial declaring her an emerging artist to watch. She has since been included in numerous editorials, most notably, the cover and an 8-page article in the French pastel magazine, "Practiques Des Artes". This led to the invitation to be included in an exhibition in France featuring American women pastelists.

Since then, Tobi has become internationally recognized for her pastels as well as for her masterful teaching abilities. Ever more popular as a teacher, Tobi's skill at capturing the light in skies has catapulted her popularity to be among the highest ranks with her peers. 

The current collection focuses on the interaction between positive and negative light: “I am intrigued by the ephemeral time when light meets dark. It’s a never-ending romance expressed with endless arrangements of color and form. Sometimes the light can be explosive, climatic, and dramatic, but other times it caresses with a quiet and tender persuasion. I am pulled into this endless romance, as a voyeur watching breathlessly to see what might unfold.” The fiery New Mexican sky is unmistakable in these richly colored works, and their emotional intensity captures the viewers’ attentions - and their hearts.

Landscape artist Tobi Clement lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, surrounded by the expansive landscape and stunning skies of the Southwest. Tobi’s artwork stems from her desire to express the breathtaking beauty and ethereal quality of the light expressed in the sky.  Tobi emphasizes “there is a soul-grabbing intensity in the colors and an unexplainable mystery to the light and how it changes everything we see for just a short moment. It feels as if God has squeezed a tube of cadmium yellow over the earth in that momentI feel as if I am wrapped in a divine embrace.”
For the Scottish, twilight, or as they say “twylicht” or half-light, is the in-between time when the light of day merges with the dark of night. Throughout history and across many cultures, myths declare this special time to be a brief but potent time for magic when one can cross the elusive border dividing the mundane world from supernatural realms. Tobi shared “one day the door cracked open into that otherworld for just for a moment, long enough for me to peek through, like a voyeur, into that mystical place where I captured a glimpse of a romantic exchange between the light of day and the dark of night. I was witness to their eternal love affair.”
Spellbound by this myth, Tobi strives to express in her work the mythical affair between two lovers, Light and Dark, whose brief passionate interlude evokes the breathtaking beauty witnessed in the sky during the ethereal time of twilight.
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