Capital High School Exhibition Fundraiser

Ilana Morlat-Magallon (Buy Back), 2023
15 x 11 in
Student of Capital High School "Passion. Having a passion is a wonderful thing. Being passionate about art is my life. Art is an escape from our world for me; any kind of art is an exit. I began to write poetry first, and during the pandemic, I just started to draw to pass the time! Indeed, art became a huge part of me. Art helps me to explain what I can't say with words, it helps to control my anxiety. Like sort of explosions that need to be used. My emotions, History, and the people around me are my inspiration. For example, I love Greek mythology. I do a lot of paintings about mythological characters. It is a wonderful pleasure to draw different points of view than the original ones in case of delivering a message. That is a value that I want to keep, delivering messages. I'm the happiest student because I know what I want for my future. Such a good thing. I manage to combine two of my passions which are = art (obviously) and helping people. That is how I discovered I wanted to be an Art Therapist in hospitals. Enjoy the exposition! A bientot " Not for Sale, the student has chosen to keep this artwork. Purchasing this painting will be considered a donation to the art department of Capital High School.