Lorri Acott

New Beginnings (/49), 2023
8 x 7 x 2.50 in
I’ve been thinking about all the people in our lives that we love, and how those relationships change over the years. About a year ago 💕Adamsculpture Schultz💕and I stopped at the petrified forest in Arizona during a road trip. He surprised me with a book that explained the meaning of the marks that we saw on the rocks there. Among many others,there were some 🌀marks, which the book said meant that the people had left and continued their migration. It said after they found a new home, someone would go back to the original rock and connect a squared spiral to the 🌀 that was already there. It meant that they had found a new home. They also made some wayfinding marks to direct people who might want to join them. I think most relationships have a home in a place in our lives. When we grow and change, we may no longer feel at home in the place where these relationships live. We all grow and change, and sometimes when we move forward in our lives, the emotional place we were living no longer is sustainable for us. We can’t stay there anymore. I was thinking about these ideas when I made this little sculpture “New Beginnings”. I love the patina that makes it look like stone. The 🌀starts on the back, the line goes over the shoulder and connects to the square spiral in the front.