Adam Schultz and Lorri Acott: Believing

- Believing -

On Friday, August 30th, 2019, Canyon Road Contemporary Art, 622 Canyon Road, will present the powerful, exquisitely crafted bronze sculptures of Lorri Acott and Adam Schultz. The show will run through September 8th, 2019.

The story of this married pair of successful artists rests on belief. The emotional trials that they have undergone together and separately give them confidence in their strength together, and this confidence, belief in oneself, shows in their sculpture. They believe, too, in an underlying rightness to the world, a goodness which can be approached and even coaxed out through relationships, and these relationships in turn can be brought out through sculpture. This strong base allows them to take risks with their work, to push the boundaries, and to tell raw, emotional stories of human sadness and sensuality as they explore, in different ways, the question of what it means and how it feels to be a person inhabiting a human body. We happily invite you to join us in celebrating their confidence and willingness to take risks.

Lorri Acott’s expressive, long-legged figures often chronicle her own emotional journeys. In Conversation with Myself she depicts a meeting between herself small and grown, the small Lori, seemingly to her own surprise, having to extend herself far upward to meet her own future face, who bends kindly down to examine her. In Believe, she sets her adolescent daughter on the edge of the unknown, wings small yet ready to be tested. Though each sculpture speaks to a different experience, they are united by their style, their beauty, and their emotional strength.

Lori’s husband Adam also works in sculpture, though from a different perspective. His work is often about finding beauty in unusual places, and lately has been about the beauty of the large female form. Coming at a time when this beauty is being rediscovered and celebrated, Adam’s women, with their curves upon curves cascading down in perfectly proportioned bronze, have a powerful effect on the viewer. Each woman carries herself with a lightness and strength that cannot be mistaken, and this power commands both attention and respect.