Landscape Artists of Santa Fe: Tobi Clement, Gina Rossi, Greg Skol. Reception Friday, July 14, 5-7pm. Music by Gilbert Uribe.

Landscape Artists of Santa Fe  


Reception  Friday, July 14th, from 5pm – 7pm, Canyon Road Contemporary Art, 622 Canyon Road in Santa Fe, The show will continue through July 23rd.


Tobi has had this to say about her pastels: “When painting plein air in New Mexico I am rewarded with unexpected moments of life that unfold, and incredible, ever-changing skies and clouds. It is a gift to feel a connection to something that is a part of, but greater than me. I welcome the respite of silence and contemplation. The blessing of this connection is an expressive painting that captures the limitless and expansive quality of the Southwest landscape, and invites the viewer to share in this gift.’’


Greg Skol: "While my landscape paintings are inspired by specific places, they are informed by an emotional response to light and atmosphere. They are meant as evocation as well as transcription of place. I try to speak to our human connection to the world through images that connect us back to the larger natural world. Reminded that we are both a part of that nature and apart from it- all at once. The way that Autumn light rakes across a field or sunlight dapples on water, speaks to something universal within us, I am exploring the internal and external landscape at the point at which they meet."        



Gina Rossi: "Atmospheric light, color and form are of upmost importance to me.  I am always exploring a sense of reality that is made from abstract marks and forms. The energy of the mark becomes an essential aspect of the work to create a beautiful flow of movement and vitality. I hope that unlike photo realism, these paintings help the viewer participation in the completion of the scene."



For further information, please contact Nancy Ouimet at 505-983-0433.