Formation / Transformation: Mark Bowles and Ali Rouse

An exciting dual exhibition from the painter Mark Bowles and jeweler/sculptor Ali Rouse. Each artist meditates on time in their own medium and their own mind. Join us for the artists' exhibition opening on August 26th 2022 from 5pm to 7pm.


For Mark Bowles, time is a constant preoccupation and the changes in time a lifelong fascination. For decades, the artist has explored the concept of time and the changing landscape with complex rhythms in layers of color. His minimalistic approach downplays the literal landscape while elevating the spiritual concept of what the landscape means to the soul. In this exhibition, Bowles brings his contemplation of time forward into the future, as he seeks to understand how the spaces of our souls and lands be be impacted and evolve.



Honing her art of beading since the age of twelve, Ali Rouse adorns real animal skulls with faceted jewels, rare stones, glass, silver, gold, snakeskin, and other surprising elements. The materiality and design work on her embossed skulls is informed by the nature of the skulls' asymmetrical planes. She chooses patterns and materials with utmost care to reflect the origin of the skull as well as the personality she recognizes in it. The result enhances nature’s own profound design work with grace. This practice honors nature’s work by preserving and celebrating it, as Ali gives these animals a second life through her art. Though these animals no longer walk among us, their lives continue in a transformed state.

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