Rhythm in Color: Glass Constructs by Lydia Piper and Polymer Clay Animal Sculptures by Adam Thomas Rees - Copy

We are pleased to share with you the beautiful, elaborate glass bowls, scultures, and wall-hangings by Lydia Piper alongside the bold, intricate and unique Polymer Clay Sculptures by Adam Thomas Rees.

Combining the predictable with the volatile, in this series, Lydia pushes the boundaries of her medium with artworks that are redefining themselves with visual metaphor such as references to weaving, organic patterns found in nature and the movement of wind and water.

Intrigued by the challenging nature of glass, Lydia has developed a style that merges form, color and pattern in a manner that is often outside expectations of the medium. She acknowledges that producing the kind of glass art she does requires an exceptional amount of time and dedication, but manages to find the time despite her non-art-related full-time job working for the Federal Courts.

Adam Thomas Rees creates both small and large clay sculptures with a surface constructed for millefiori-style polymer clay. The extremely long process produces a jaw-dropping effect, a kaleidoscope of colors and images covering the surface of Rees’s wolves, owls, lizards, and other creatures.
Not wholly representational, Adam’s sculpture straddles the real and the abstract. He says, “These forms embody the old and the new, material and ethereal: polymer clay is a completely new medium but the canes trace their history all the way back to early Egypt. The bodies are modeled after an animal’s physical form but the skins, made totally from canes, capture their character, strength and power: that set of traits we refer to as the spirit.” And just as every animal is unique, so too, each and every one of Adam’s pieces is original and no two will be the same.